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Guardianship Social Worker
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 Job Title:


Guardianship Social Worker


       Immediate Supervisor:

Executive Director or Clinical Supervisor





Purpose of Position: 


Under the direction of the Executive Director/Clinical Supervisor and in accordance with CFCSA and other related legislation, polices and the Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI), the Guardianship Social Worker is responsible for providing guardianship services to Heiltsuk children/youth, in the community of Bella Bella, in continuing care of Director within the Heiltsuk Kaxla Society. The Guardianship social worker will work with family, extended family, and other Heiltsuk Kaxla Society programs, care providers, service providers and other partners to prepare and implement culturally sensitive/appropriate plans of care that provide stability, a sense of place, security, belonging and successful outcomes for our children/youth.


Job Duties and Tasks:


The Guardianship Social Worker is responsible for providing the following services:


Ø  Assist the Resource Social Worker to recruit caregivers for children with special needs;

Ø  Perform guardianship duties as Director’s delegate under the CFCSA;

Ø  Report any abuse or neglect concerns to a fully delegated child protection worker

Ø  To collaborate with MCFD planning and be supportive in child abuse investigations in a HKS home.

Ø  Participate in guardianship education and training events as required;

Ø  Maintain records as per AOPSI and HKS standards

Ø  Ensure that the child/youth is aware of his/her rights as a child-in-care;

Ø  Ensure that Plans of Care reflect an appropriate cultural component and are developed for every Heiltsuk child in our care and that Plan of Care meetings are scheduled, in keeping with CFCSA, AOPSI and HKS policy;

Ø  Ensure that Reportable Circumstances are submitted as required as per AOPSI.

Ø  Advocate for the Heiltsuk child/youth’s needs within the Society, the Representative for Children and Youth, the Ombudsman and other external mechanisms as appropriate. 

Ø  Involve natural parents, extended family, the Heiltsuk First Nation, and community members in the Plan of Care if appropriate;

Ø  Display a good understanding of sources of stress for children and families

Ø  Recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect

Ø  Able to participate in a child protection or protocol investigations with fully delegated social worker

Ø  Work closely with caregivers, ensuring that the child’s needs as per their Plan of Care are being met;

Ø  Prepare eligible children for resource placement,

Ø  Prepare birth family histories and cultural plans for Aboriginal children in care;

Ø  Guardianship Social Workers are required to be knowledgeable of child in care issues with respect to the Child, Family and Community Services Act, particularly the rights and responsibilities of all members of the child’s immediate and extended family, Aboriginal community and caregivers.

Ø  Attending regular supervision and consultation meetings as required;

Ø  Other duties as assigned by the clinical supervisor or Executive Director;


Staffing Criteria:


Cultural Knowledge:

Ø  Knowledge of the unique and diverse traditional practices of the Heiltsuk Nation;

Ø  Willing to learn and practice the values and teachings of the Heiltsuk Nation;


Education and/or Occupational Certification:

Ø  Bachelor of Social Work degree, or a Bachelor degree in a related human services field, plus 1 year or more of related experience;

Ø  Preference will be given to candidates who possess a Bachelor of Social Work degree and 3 or more years of related experience;


*Please note where potential candidates meet the minimum requirements of the position preference will be given to those candidates who are Heiltsuk or members of another First Nations. 



Ø  In-depth knowledge of resource and guardianship policies, and procedures, MCFD programs, standards and practices;

Ø  Family Group Conferencing;



Ø  Good written and verbal communication skills

Ø  Demonstrated ability to teach skills and work effectively with others

Ø  Solid understanding of the Child, Family and Community Services Act, Family Relations Act and the Adoption Act

Ø  Knowledge of theory, principles and practices in the field

Ø  Good time and general management skills

Ø  Good investigative skills and knowledge of extended family practices within Aboriginal communities

Ø  Strong and effective interpersonal and organizational communication skills

Ø  Computer skills:  Word processing, Internet, Windows NT and Outlook





Ø  Successful candidate will be subject to a criminal record checks, and other reference checks;

Ø  Will be required to work flexible hours to meet the projected objectives.

Ø  Evening and weekend work may be required on a time in lieu basis.

Ø  Valid BC Drivers’ License and access to a safe reliable vehicle.

Ø  Has or is eligible for child welfare delegation.



Hours of Work:

Ø  37.5 per week



Ø  Will be set as per candidates education and experience

Ø  HKS provides staff benefits with regard to housing and will provide up to $2500 toward relocation expense

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Job Title Guardianship Social Worker
Date Posted 2017-Jul-19
Expiry Date 2018-Jan-19
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Post Details
City or Province Bella Bella, British Columbia
Location British Columbia
Job Type Full-time
Classification Health and Social Services