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We are looking for 30 intermediate-level and 10 master-level diamond cutters / polishers to work at our new production facility in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Job Requirements

- Knowledge of how to operate tools and machines to cut and polish diamonds, such as grinding equipment and scaife plates, holders and tangs, loupes, Sarin and OGI scanners, polariscopes, refractometers, and microscopes.
- Knowledge of how to cut, shape, and polish diamonds to high standards to prepare them for use in jewelry, with the ability to conform to the company's parameters and working methods.
- High school diploma and diamond cutting courses diploma from a professional institute or equivalent.
- This education should include a wide variety of mechanical knowledge, such as use of diamond polishing machines and tools, and understanding their repair and maintenance.
- Physical abilities such as close-range vision for detail work, manual dexterity, arm/hand steadiness, control and precision for machine work, attention to detail, and the ability to carefully determine color and category details.
- Intermediate-level cutters: minimum of 5 years of proven working experience as a diamond polisher.
- Master-level cutters for large rough stones measuring over 5 carats: additional 2 years of experience specifically on big stones (and not less than 7 years accumulated experience).

Job Tasks

- Setting up and operating stationary plant and machinery to cut the stones according to the specifications for the job.
- Positioning rough stones onto machines for cutting and further working.
- Examining processed materials visually and with hands to ensure compliance with established standards and job specifications, according to foreman's instructions.
- Using scanning equipment like Sarin or OGI computers to achieve a top level of make.
- Holding stones against rotating plates and wheel to cut, shape, slit, grind, and polish them.
- Maneuvering work pieces in equipment during production.
- Operating grinding equipment.
- Examining gem surfaces and internal structures, using polariscopes, refractometers, microscopes, and other optical instruments to differentiate between stones, to identify rare specimens, or to detect flaws, defects, or peculiarities affecting gem values.
- Securing diamonds in holders, chucks, dops, or tangs for cutting, polishing, faceting, or shaping.
- Advising others on ways to improve processes or products.
- Following drawing guidelines or markings on materials or work pieces using patterns or other references.
- Placing stones in clamps on polishing machines and polishing facets of stones using diamond polishing scaife plates.
- Operating cutting equipment, both manual and automatic machines.
- Measuring dimensions of completed products or work pieces to verify conformance to specifications.
- Selecting shaping scaives for tasks and mixing and applying abrasives, boart, or polishing compounds.
- Selecting production equipment according to product specifications.
- Mixing substances to create solutions.
- Replacing worn equipment components.
- Disassembling equipment for maintenance or repair.
- Keeping working place clean and neat.
- Complying with safety instructions and other workplace rules.

We Offer:

- 40 working hours a week in a full-time job position. Option for overtime.
- 3 months or more of in-house training for learning to cut the Crown of Light diamond.
- Comfortable and professional work environment with state-of-the-art machinery and plant.
- $32.25+ per hour following successful completion of the Crown of Light cutting training, possibly more depending on experience.
- Promotion opportunities for management positions.

About Us:

The job will be located at 104 Archibald Street, Yellowknife, NT, Canada, where COL Cutting Canada Inc. operates a diamond cutting and polishing factory. The anticipated start date is October 1, 2017.

COL Cutting Canada Inc. is part of the Almod Diamonds group of companies. We are a vertically oriented diamond company. Almod polishes rough diamonds, manufactures jewelry, and sells diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, and watches in our own large chain of Diamonds International retail stores. Diamonds International has over 100 locations throughout the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. It is the largest duty-free jewelry retailer in the Caribbean and is promoted as the #1 shopping destination by every cruise ship in the region. Diamonds International sells a wide range of generic and branded diamonds and jewelry, including Almod's proprietary Crown of Light diamond, which is the best-selling diamond in the Caribbean.

COL Cutting Canada Inc. will focus its production on the Crown of Light diamond. Almod is the owner of the US patent on the Crown of Light cut and, as such, is the exclusive manufacturer of Crown of Light diamonds.

COL Cutting Canada Inc. will be Almod's 4th diamond-cutting facility. It has been licensed by the Government of the Northwest Territories as an Approved Diamond Manufacturer.

To Apply:

Email resumes or CVs to MRolnik@almod.com and DWeintraub@shopDI.com.
Date Posted 2017-Aug-25
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